Records Management: DIIMS

Records Management: DIIMS Pilot Project

GNWT departments currently manage their paper records using the Administrative and Operational Records Classification Systems (ARCS and ORCS). The Digital Integrated Information Management System (DIIMS) will allow the GNWT to apply the same principles of ARCS and ORCS to its electronic documents and thereby better manage the storage, retrieval and disposition of these records.

The DIIMS Pilot Project began in January 2011. The Department of Public Works and Services has been selected as the first GNWT department to begin using DIIMS .

The goal of the DIIMS pilot is two-fold. The first goal is to provide a set of tools that will enable GNWT departments to gain control over and start better managing their electronic records based on a common set of principles. The second goal is to test the electronic application (i.e., software) to ensure it will effectively manage the GNWT's electronic records. The lessons learned and experiences gained from the project will be used to develop business rules and best practices that will be used in future implementations.

DIIMS is also being used to replace iRIMS across GNWT departments. Currently, all GNWT departments use iRIMS as a tool within their records management programs. In addition, iRIMS is used to manage all the activities associated with day-to-day operations of the five GWNT Records Centres.

Therefore, there are two separate groups that, beginning February 1, 2012, will start to be trained on the DIIMS system (i.e., all PWS employees and all GNWT employees who have been identified as records classifiers).

Below are the training manuals for each group. Please note that you are not required to print and bring the manual with you to your training session as hardcopy manuals will be distributed at each training session. The manuals are being provided as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with material that will covered in the training sessions.

In addition, quick reference guides, FAQs, and Tips and Tricks have been developed. They are grouped with the training manual that they apply to.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the DIIMS Pilot Project please send an email message to

DIIMS End User DIIMS Records Classifier

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